Video ads in buses

Placing advertisements on bus monitors

One of the core activities of UTA Media Group is placing video commercials in an integrated transport and bus network in Tashkent city.

An integrated transport and bus network is a place visited by thousands of people every day. All of them are consumers of various products and services. By all means, advertisers are keen to reach their passengers through their own advertising. Banners or leaflets sticked in the salon are thing of the past. A new trend is a dynamic advertising.

For this purpose, we are use 21-inch monitors. Ignoring such an ad is simply not possible. A person during the trip willingly or not, will look at the image, since during the trip, passengers are usually not engaged in something and ready to assimilate easy-to-understand and up-to-date information that is shown on the monitors installed in the buses.

Mercedes-Benz Conecto LF buses are equipped with two monitors; at the same time, the broadcasted image is easily viewed from almost all passenger seats. The video is being aired constantly, it cannot be interrupted, which means that after watching a commercial 10 times in a half-hour trip, the entire bus passengers will simply learn it by heart. This technique is discreet, it is so familiar and habitual. Passengers do not consider that by watching video ads in this form, they somehow squander their time as is happening with the traditional TV ads. In addition to advertising, we can broadcast drawing lots and SMS trivia games, which in turn increases the level of emotional perception of video advertising on the bus. Monitors in vehicles allow to display full-fledged digital commercials, from video ads to flash approach.

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