Ads at the gas station

Ads at the gas station.
It's efficient!

Advertising on the monitors of the gas station covers the maximum of the target audience of the product. At a time when marketing specialists are looking for algorithms to attract customers through conveying the information in a particular way, modern advertising agencies have long and successfully been using various types of visual impact on a potential client.

Placing Advertisements At Gas Stations

Our company offers a service for placing video commercials on street LED screens at 20 gas stations within Tashkent - 15 “Uzbekneftegaz” gas stations and five private gas stations.

Placing video ads on LED screens at gas stations is an effective and inexpensive way to stimulate sales or provide image promotion support. Thousands of cars drive around Tashkent roads daily, they stop for gas on average 2-3 times a week. This is a place of constant traffic for the consumer audience. This is a massive group of people interested in purchasing goods and services, i.e., a real treasure for the advertiser.

The accessible location of LED screens at gas stations in the line of sight of the driver and passengers, as well as the convenient screen size of 2x1 meter, contribute to the effective perception of the advertising video while refueling. The benefits of outdoor advertising at gas stations are a focused target audience (car owners and passengers), long-term advertising exposure, and the possibility of targeting advertising placement along streets, districts, and highways.

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Map of the gas stations with UTA media monitors

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